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Discovering God the Truth Path by Alastair Agutter

Discovering God, The True Path, and Defeating Satan

Dear Friends, I have decided to publish the entire introduction of my book "The Cherry Tree Garden" to help all our Folk know there is help at hand in this time, for seeking answers regarding their very true purpose in life. The following of a Divine and enlightened path, beyond the greed and wickedness on Earth, that is challenging faiths and beliefs. So I hope such humble true words bring great joy, knowledge and wisdom, leading to enlightenment for those who seek it through free will.

Before you read the introduction of "The Book" I want to share with you recent events as prophesied and written by the Holy Sand Scribes of Time in the Bible. And where can be found within the Codex these events that I now describe.

The Divine's War on Satan and His Worshippers

In 2008, as written and prophesied in the Codex (Holy Bible), my Divine Lord of All, declared War on Satan, and his Worshippers here on Earth. It began with the financial collapse for all humans on earth and people of the world who were being seduced and driven by money and material greed, leading to corruption.

For it was known to our Lord, nothing had been learnt. As greater numbers in the world became seduced by the fallen angel of satan, allowing his physical presence to enter the mind of people, so their hearts become hardened, and filled with ignorance and vanity.

To unite the World and address such folly of man seduced by the Devil, was elected a multicultural Son elected as President of America, to put down the racists and bigots that hid behind man-made religion, associations, and financial institutions of vanity and evil.

This period were to be one of shame and the loss of material wealth and riches, to eventually emerge a society humbled before God, on their knees to show and expose ignorance and false Demi Gods who espoused words of lies and deceit, finally exposing to the world such folly from such vile empty vessels. The same arrogance satan exercised when trying to extinguish the light of our Lord's humble servants of light. For I myself in 2009 saw the devil before me, huddled and cowering knowing who I be and represent. Afterwards I recalled telling my staff, "the events to happen, they will tell their grandchildren and generations to come," as we developed a new era enterprise for the future that was environmentally friendly and sat at the heart of communities. Sadly many silently mocked my words as a result of their ignorance, and desires for money, and want, beyond self respect, knowledge and wisdom, leading to enlightenment.

The sacred Covenant is to create life throughout all the Lord's Domains and Dominions, not darkness. The healing of the Earth can only come from the light of life, and those who are foolish to worship satan, will endure similar fate of he now and that be one of darkness for all eternity, be it known as the living dead!

Forward of the Book   

The Cherry Tree Garden I hope will serve as an inspiration and beacon for all mortal souls seeking real truth and reality, to then be able to discover peace and tranquillity in ones lives, thus finding an uplifting discourse for ones journey of learning, through the acquisition of knowledge, leading to wisdom, enlightenment, humility, compassion and love.

The subtitle of the book “A Spirit Rising” is to help guide you on this journey through the book and beyond, to begin the process of finding your true self.

All of our journeys start with a beginning and end, yet sometimes we can pause, or stop, to see, admire, or digest an event, or moment in our lives. So often these subtle signs and events have far greater meaning and relevance.

So the reading of “The Cherry Tree Garden” is such a moment, and event in your life, and meant to be, as you continue on your journey in search of finding the answers.

Quotation: “Just as a wind and breeze can change direction and be invisible to your naked eye, one knows of such a presence and existence from such an entity.” ~ Alastair R Agutter

Introduction of the Book and About the Author

A very warm welcome, to “The Cherry Tree Garden” and where I hope such a work brings great joy, happiness and enlightenment to your life, both in your Physical and Spiritual existence.

Many folk and readers today in society know me more for writing books, and if I recall, now totalling over sixty published works covering technology, wild life, children's early education, hobbies, interests and pastimes.

I very often remind folk including myself as a humble soul, that “The Arts, Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes, have served as a measurement of a civilized society over the ages, and a mark of humanity by those who pursue them.” For the reality is, without beauty, deity, compassion and love, we would only know darkness, that is cold, and void of emotion and feeling.

Very often in our life's journey we are challenged, and so often we can believe from such misfortunes one is burdened with an affliction. But found within sad moments and enjoyable events in our lives, can always be found a positive, and what comes with that is the opportunity for learning, to bring greater knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. In the period of Confucius and Socrates, such elements can, and were, described as positives and negatives, or the yin and yang of life and found throughout all the universe(s). It is also often said “you reap what you sow.”

To be able to understand myself as the author of this book “The Cherry Tree Garden” and as a humble soul, one can measure, and gauge ones credentials on such a subject matter, by going outside, walking to the nearest tree, and then ask yourself as you study such life. Do you actually know such a species, the actual length and number of roots on such a tree, how many branches does this life form have, and lastly, how many leaves are there in existence and present on such a beautiful life form, including each, and every, individual colour of those leaves.

When one can provide such accuracy from knowledge and enlightenment, can one then claim to know me! In the great scriptures written by the sand scribes of time, the human species is often referred to as Man Child. And when we study human actions and wilful negligence today regarding Climate Change, and conflict in the World, it is very easy to understand, why such a definition is still very accurate, and throughout this book I will explain why, thus in turn bringing clarity to your real life and purpose.

Whilst I write books these days as an author, and have an experienced working life in communication and technology, namely the World Wide Web especially in the past twenty plus years, and therefore thus being involved with the final language of one we would all speak again, as prophesied in the great scriptures, and known today as html. My true real life-long craft and skill, has always been one of a Great Fisherman.

You will finally understand from this work, that we are all connected to a great force and energy, that is beyond human comprehension, and where each and every one of us has a purpose in the grand scheme and design of all that we know, and do not know!

My purpose as a humble lowly soul and fisherman is to help you find your true self, and the real meaning of your existence, through the written word to bring joy and happiness.

As a humble soul my physical existence began some 59 years ago in 1958, and here is great relevance, for one needs to know and understand as Albert Einstein did and deduced, that time and motion, including cycles, and light, can be altered and changed. The concept of time remember is created by man, and is one of mechanical and digital measurements and records.

The period of my physical birth and arrival on the 28th of November 1958, bears great relevance to what I describe above, and refer to earlier as “The Grand Scheme” and relating to this planet.

We know this place as Earth, and in spiritual circle terms, is commonly known as “The Earth Plain” regarding the spectrums of particle matter configurations and the force. Now my purpose, and to put this into modern day terms as a communicator and fisherman is simply; “I work for the Almighty upstairs” and this work is to serve and help you as a guide, thus introducing you to knowledge and factual phenomena here on the Earth Plain. So you attain wisdom, in the “Revelation Period” that the human race has now entered into here on Earth, known as “The Enlightenment Period” that I will explain in the book, as you seek answers, and hopefully then, all will become clear and revealed to you!

For I am not permitted, or can I influence your “Free Will” as is a Covenant set down by the Lord.

So my existence is not unique to make this clear, as I have said, I am a mere humble soul working for “The Almighty Upstairs” and where many others have come before me, to try and help, to shape a better world for all. In some respects, offering a jolt, or quantum shift, to advance the human story and journey. Sometimes such events, or happenings, are known as the Butterfly Effect!

From the day I was born, throughout my childhood, to becoming an adult, I have always tried to see the best in all and with a huge heart. Always endeavouring to do my very best, however, even at times when tempted and misguided, and where I receive a jolt from Spiritual Elders to ensure I stay on the correct and noble path in preparation for ones duties, work, and purpose in the grand scheme.

I began to look up to the skies and stars at night from a very early age, asking those big questions, and sensing all had not been revealed to me, nor does all quiet add up! As I have stated above, time is a concept humans have engineered in a mechanical and digital form. But the measurement of time in “The Kingdom of Heaven” is only when one is ready!

Throughout the book will be referenced identities, and some at times referred to in a different way, this is to help understand common name terminology's as recognized in a modern day society, and also formal ones.

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 5th February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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