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The True State of the Union Facts of Life in 2018 by Alastair Agurtter

The True State of the Union Facts of Life in 2018 Beyond the Deceit and Lies of Donald Trump

The picture accompanying this "Factual and Truthful" article is of Abraham Lincoln in 1861, and it was a time when The American Civil War began proper after Fort Sumpter. As 11 States joined forces to fight and beat off a changing landscape and a new world coming. The title of this article is also true "The True State of the Union Facts of Life in 2018 Beyond the Deceit and Lies of Donald Trump." Now at this point, many "God Fearing Honest Folk" may feel tempted to want to hit the back button on their device and move away from this article and feature. But you do so at your own peril and this is not a game, for these words of fact may be your only salvation, as I now weald the most powerful weapon since the beginning of time "the word" energy and intelligence!

Everything in all the Universes throughout the Cosmos functions by energy and intelligence, all particle atoms vibrate, formulate and create through the power of energy and intelligence. This article now written and told will exist for all time, as it has now been created from these such forces, and therefore exists now in the great sea of energy, often described as the ether!

The first State of the Union address was in 1790, in fact just two years after a sermon made by my Great Great Great Grandfather William Agutter on the Abolition of Slavery at Oxford in England in 1788. He was described as a distinguished and virtuous man fighting the cause of humanity. Today I also find myself fighting the cause of humanity and seeking to preserve life, that is the Divine's sacred Covenant. This battle sadly is not new, for it has been going on since the beginning of time.

The American Civil War was born out of fear and evil. The Southern States only economic wealth was created by the trading of human flesh and cotton. Whereas the Northern parts of America industrialized from the British Victorian Industrial Revolution, even making the cotton picked in the Southern States into manufactured products and garments. The great tragedy to this story is, it all surrounds ignorance, greed, and money! In fact again these such tragic events are happening in many parts of the world today, regarding the selling and trafficking of human flesh. Now educated and civilized people around the world know this to be morally wrong and unGodly!

The trafficking in human flesh back then in America prior to the Civil War was evil and criminal. Today in Libya, Yemen, Nigeria, Syria etc. Such slave trading again is evil, orchestrated and conducted by criminals, the most vilest of creatures to walk and roam the Earth. The Bankers holding these accounts are just as complicit and guilty, for allowing these vile criminals to trade in such misery making money and accumulating wealth, as a result of greed and ignorance. But now the face of the criminal has changed from a thug in a "T" shirt and shorts, to a smart suited dressed individual in the Financial Banking and Business World.

The blood spilt in the American Civil War fighting Men in Suits and Uniform of Evil from the American South to preserve enslavement, money, and greed, will never be forgotten. For it is an event that happened and is written, both of which exist in the Great Sea of Energy, formulated and created by atoms.

The recent election and the victorious rise of Donald Trump in a suit and like a conquering hero defacing the image of a modern american society, by reversing every policy and bill created for the greater good, by his predecessor President Barack Obama, are again evil acts by an ignorant racist and bigot in a suit. But yet again, the past cannot be erased, however many policies and monuments one seeks to destroy, for again it is written!

I have a warning for all in America and this is not a coded message as was the speech by Trump in his first state of the Union address. Or am I going to speak from a pulpit or preach. For I do not need such nonsense and childish things, for my two best friends are life and death. When one has experienced both, one will know this to be true and since setting foot on this Earth my faith and love for the boss upstairs has never wavered. From the most reliable source of all, I have a grave warning, and this being the break up of the American Union. The ghosts and ancestors of the past are making it known, that Donald Trump as a leader is nothing other than evil in a suit, determined as an ignorant racist and bigot to destroy, and he will wage war at the earliest opportunity for his own vanity, as he seeks and desires power to the end point of destruction.

The speeches and claims by Trump of successes regarding America and the Economy is nothing but lies, the ground work had been done before in the previous administration by the true face and Son of America, Barack Obama, supported by his much loved American Family, including Joe Biden's, who still remain in God's good graces. Obama's administration pulled the car industry out of bankruptcy, again with the banks, and the stock exchange, Fact!

The Trump speech was coded as I mentioned, but what Nancy Pelosi said was true, the intentions of a white America. When CNN visited Towns in the rust belt and asked voters what they thought of Trump, just like the blind leading the blind, as a result of the same ignorance and evil in 1860, they took only the words they wanted to hear in support of  Trump. However what ignorant words they did say was "they wanted things to be how they use to be" the same words uttered in 1860 by folk of the South, and exactly in the same context, the same climate created today in 2018, as was then a 158 years ago!

As like the ignorant only wanting to hear words that they want to hear in the South and rust belts. This extends to pictures that they only want to see. Where again these ignorant uneducated lost souls have only one picture, and that being of gangs and crime throughout America. This adds fuel to the fire for the ignorant bigots and racists. For the great tragedy here is that these young folk with all their ghetto music and rap, have lost the war before they have even started. For they have had one of the Greatest Presidents of all time with African American ancestry, dignified, smart, and compassionate. Then in communities you have gangs and guns, drugs and trash music, with their backsides hanging out of their trousers thinking they are kool, but all that is being demonstrated is that they are no different, or any better than the other miserable wretches from the South who are ignorant racists and bigots. But lastly, disrespecting ones own dignified people and ancestry to the world, with such rubbish and nonsense. A lot of the so called noise is not music, it is what it is, noise, just like Trump's verbal diarrhoea. The likes of Kanye West is no different to the ignorance of Trump, driven by money and superficial material wealth, the only commodity acquired by empty vessels!

We are witnessing a divided America, and the future of the United States is not at all bright, but coming to an end, unless Trump and all the other criminals are removed from office in the Republican and Democratic Parties, for this is not the America of Washington, Franklin, and Lincoln. For it is going down the road of a rogue state, as like before in history, prior to the American Civil War. And history teaches us all, that no empire built on greed, ignorance and evil ever survives.

Americans need to come together and pursue a noble path of knowledge and wisdom, to put away childish ignorant ways of consumerism. money and greed. But to reach the heights in ones life and journey as is the Covenant of Life, this being of learning and discovery, not isolation and fear. For the Devils way of Trump as written in the Book of Revelation by the Holy Sand Scribes of Time, shows and is written that such repetitive manipulating of words, lies and deceit, is an empty path only leading to hell!

Lastly, the wearing of all white by Melania Trump was a coded message and ties in as part of my last information received by my boss upstairs and to be expected. In some respects it was a "me too" plea, but relates to a historical story surrounding Celestial entities as a result of Melania being of faith and studying the Classics. The wearing of white was a plea for help before our Lord of All the Divine, as her being the First Lady and for us to see her. The symbolism of "Andromeda" is where from her Mother's "Cassiopeia's" hubris saying Andromeda was more beautiful than the nurieds (nymphs), Poseidon sends a sea dragon as Divine punishment for her arrogance and foolishness, she is chained and imprisoned, a captive in other words to be sacrificed, but eventually rescued by Perseus from an inevitable death. Andromeda is a latinized name and ties in with the coded message, as she is currently the First Lady, for "Andromeda" means in latin "the ruler of men" and in her current position, this to be the case, as the wife of this tyrant.

Quotation: "Ones true flame of life can only burn strong, when the path is fuelled with knowledge and wisdom, leading to true enlightenment." ~ Alastair R Agutter

If you seek further enlightenment, seeking salvation and answers, wanting to know the true path to happiness and contentment through Divine faith, follow this path, seek and ye shall find, full details here >

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 1st February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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