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Dear Friends, Readers and Music Lovers,

Firstly, thank you for your great interest in our Books, Music, eBooks, Ring Tones and our "New" Magazine for the Environment, as a Green New Era Enterprise.

I have re-introduced the "Classic Newsletter" again after many years, due to the increased interest from Friends, Readers and Music Lovers again, as we continue to bring more creative light into the world, in the form of books, music, ring tones and magazines etc. If you would like to subscribe, please use this email: just stating a short message, please subscribe me etc. As we are experiencing some problems with the new script and hope to get this fixed soon :)

By subscribing to our "Classic Newsletter" we will occasionally notify you of our new publications and releases. Also, of our new features and updates, as we focus on the really important things in our lives, starting with Climate Change.

As like other smart enterprises, we understand the real pressing issues that confront the world today, and the greatest challenges to humanity, and all other majestic life species on Earth we have come to love and know.

We also know that we now need to reach for the stars, and this will not be achieved by fossil fuel vessels. We also have to prove and demonstrate as we advance and engineer such new technology, that we will be a responsible and an accountable species joining other members of the Cosmos, and not regarded as a threat, or a pariah, creating devastation and chaos to other worlds, and being a threat to other life entities.

It is therefore our responsibility now, to learn how to become "Good Shepherds" here on earth, and this can be demonstrated by our collective goodwill across borders to address Climate Change now, by cleaning up the planet of waste, and developing far more advanced green energy solutions.

Our Classic Newsletter will bring news of important features, and publication releases, including news from "The Earth Matters Magazine" available in traditional print, and also on digital. Thank You!


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Here below are just some of the featured topics that will be covered in our "Classic Newsletter" with notifications directly to your inbox. Thank You!

Classic Navigator News by Alastair Agutter

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to you joining us, as we continue to work hard bringing more creative light into the World, with our unique and exclusive branded products and technology services advancements in artificial intelligence and hard copy tangible products, such as; traditional printed books, CD-ROMS and Vinyl Records etc. To subscribe please email: Thank You!

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