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The Cherry Tree Book by Alastair Agutter

The Cherry Tree Garden Book

The Cherry Tree Garden Book by Alastair Agutter, sharing nearly 60 years of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment, for finding the true path and sharing also in the book, countless factual experiences, and visitations.

The Cherry Tree Garden I hope will serve as an inspiration and beacon for all mortal souls seeking real truth and reality, to then be able to discover peace and tranquillity in ones lives, thus finding an uplifting discourse for ones journey of learning, through the acquisition of knowledge, leading to wisdom, enlightenment, humility, compassion and love.

The subtitle of the book “A Spirit Rising” is to help guide you on this journey through the book and beyond, to begin the process of finding your true self.

The Book Features: The Four Cycles of the Human Condition, Celestial Visitation Experiences, Spiritual Sensory Awareness and the Different Vibration Levels, Visitation Predictions and Warnings, The Real True Story of the Garden of Eden and Location, Divine Structure including Celestial Ascendancy Deities often deemed as Mythical Gods, Divine Celestial Elders and Divine Family Elders and Guides. Divine Creation and the Covenants of Natural Law for Greater Knowledge, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. Alien Life and other Worlds and Dimensions, Learning to see far more Reality around you, The Rising of the Chinese Dragon with a Heart, Evolution and Human Primate Responsibility as Good Shepherds, Equality and Reverence to Sacred Vessels of Motherhood and All Life! 

All of our journeys start with a beginning and end, yet sometimes we can pause, or stop, to see, admire, or digest an event, or moment in our lives. So often these subtle signs and events have far greater meaning and relevance. So the reading of “The Cherry Tree Garden” is such a moment, and event in your life, and meant to be, as you continue on your journey in search of finding the answers.

“Just as a wind and breeze can change direction and be invisible to your naked eye, one knows of such a presence and existence from such an entity.” ~ Alastair R Agutter

Book Contents Inside: 

Forward 3, Table of Contents 4, About the Author 7, Spiritual Hosts and Physical Life Forms 12, Spiritual Hosts and Physical Human Consciousness 16, The Sea of Energy Intelligence 18, The Ark of the Covenant 20, The Divine Sea of Energy the Force 26, The Divine Sea of Energy and Dark Angels 31, The True Path of Discovery 35, The Four Cycles of the Human Condition 41, Human Condition One – Birth Consciousness: 41, Human Condition Two – Teenagers Free Will: 43, Human Condition Three – Reflection Midlife: 46, Human Condition Four – Judgement Senior Years: 50, Finding the True Path 55, Garden of Eden the True Story 71, Physical Consciousness Visitations 82, Family Visitation in the 1950’s 83, Visitation of the Holy Mother 84, Visitation the Location of the Garden of Eden 85, Visitation of President Donald Trump 85, Visitation Surrounding the King of Saudi Arabia’s Death 86, Visitation of Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction 87, Divine Presence and Visitations 89, The Lord on the Earth Fly Fishing in Scotland 89, The Lord Come and Love Thee 92, Faith in One’s Toil 94, Celestial Figures of Divine Ascendancy 96, Medusa’s Warning of Hardened Hearts of Beauty 101, Neptune or Poseidon Divine Celestial Deity of Ascendancy and Water 103, Divine Counsel of Elders 105, Winston Churchill’s Spiritual Enlightenment 106, Randolph Churchill’s Message and Warning 106, The Threat to the Union Message and Warning 107, The Assassination Attempt on President Obama 108, Divine Counsel of Family 111, The Third Eye and Chakra Sensory Vibrations and Dimensions 114, Spiritual Dimension Vibration Realms 114, Intermediary Spiritual Realm Dimension Vibration 115, Lower Spiritual Realm Dimension Vibration 119, Middle Spiritual Realm Dimension Vibration 120, Higher Spiritual Realm Dimension Vibration 122, Chakra Spiritual Sensors 124, Spiritual Aura Divine Entities and Energy 127, A Spiritual Presence of Touch 129, A Spiritual Presence of Scent 129 The Spiritual Presence of a Lost Loved One 129, Spiritual Scented Memory Links 130, Spiritual Presence of Sound and Time 130, The Spiritual Presence of Sound 132, Spiritual Astral Alignments and Mirroring Déjà vu 133, Alien Spiritual Dimensions and Vibrations 136, Alien Craft and Gateways 136, The Nevada Café Area 51 Physical Visitation 137, Planet Earth Alien Ancestry Rescue Mission 139, The Kingdom of Heaven 142, The Strength of Faith and Hope 143, The Spiritual Healing Process 146, The Philosophical Spiritual Path 148, The Path of Humanity 155, The Path of Uprightness 159, The Path of Decorum 161, The Path of Wisdom 163, The Path of Truth 164, Support Your Local Spiritual Church or Community 168, Book Dedication 169

Author's General Biography:

Alastair R Agutter born in Farnborough 1958 is a proud Father of five Children, and an Amazon Best Selling Author of Specialist Books and Publications covering; Human Interests, Wild Life, the Sciences and Child Development.

Author’s Best Selling Specialist Books include; The Discus Book (still a best seller after 25 years), The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition, My First Aquarium Collector’s Edition, Children’s Weebies Early Reading, Children’s Weebies Bird Watching, Gardening For Beginners and The Discus Book 2nd Edition.

More Specialist Books and Publications, including some new releases are; The Tropical Fish Keeping Journals, Getting Inside Google’s Head, The Parents Guide, The Reality of Climate Change, The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies, The School Boy’s Art of Football, Children’s Weebies Alphabet A to Z, Children’s Weebies Goes Gardening, Children’s Weebies Halloween Night, Gardening For Beginners Pocket Book Edition, The Five Minute Guide to HTML 5.0, The News Almanac 2013, Children’s Weebies Early Counting, Social Media The Sum of Everything Equals Zero, Der Diskus Buch, Creating The New Internet Super Highway, Children’s Weebies What’s That Series in 12 languages for early child development, learning to read and write.

Today Alastair is a full-time Author, after a 35 year Professional Career in Marketing and Communications, Product Engineering Development and Artificial Intelligence, namely the World Wide Web.

Current international community volunteer work of Alastair includes; Parental Ratings Program (to protect minors online), The Weather Outlook Project (climate change awareness), HTML 5.0 Open Standard (fast and efficient structured compliant standards of web design) and the Aquarists Ark Project (in the event of a natural marine disaster).

Alastair is always very grateful to his wonderful ‘Readers’ world-wide and wishes to send a very special humbling message of thanks.

Peace, Love and Goodwill to All,  Thank You!

The Cherry Tree Garden Book Availability

The Cherry Tree Garden Book is available in traditional print, and on digital ebook. The book can be ordered through all good book stores, and from libraries, via their wholesalers and distributors if not in stock.

ISBN: 9781979720007

Amazon USA and International (printed): https://www.amazon.com/Cherry-Tree-Garden-Spirit-Rising/dp/1979720002/

Amazon UK (printed): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cherry-Tree-Garden-Spirit-Rising/dp/1979720002/

Barnes & Noble (printed): https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-cherry-tree-garden-alastair-r-agutter/1127592189?ean=9781979720007

Angus & Robertson (digital): https://www.angusrobertson.com.au/ebooks/the-cherry-tree-garden-alastair-r-agutter/p/9781979720007

Gandhi Book Store (printed): http://www.gandhi.com.mx/the-cherry-tree-garden-10c8ee

Apple iTunes (digital): https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1320923606

Amazon (kindle): https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0785FJCFZ

Chapters & Indigo Books (digital): https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/the-cherry-tree-garden/9781979720007-item.html?ref=isbn-search

B&N (nook):  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-cherry-tree-garden-alastair-r-agutter/1127582878?ean=2940155011293

Kobo (digital): http://store.kobobooks.com/Search/Query?fcmedia=Book&query=9781979720007

Google Play (digital): https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Alastair_R_Agutter_The_Cherry_Tree_Garden?id=X0FBDwAAQBAJ

Playster (digital): https://play.playster.com/books/10009781979720007/x

Scribd (digital): https://www.scribd.com/book/366283947/The-Cherry-Tree-Garden

24 Symbols (digital): https://www.24symbols.com/book/x/x/x?id=2489139

Mondadori (digital): http://books.mondadoristore.it/The-Cherry-Tree-Garden-Alastair-R-Agutter/eae978197972000/

Thalia.de (digital): https://www.thalia.de/shop/ebooks/suchartikel/x/x/EAN9781979720007/

Buch.de (digital): https://www.buch.de/shop/ebooks/suchartikel/x/x/EAN9781979720007/

Gandhi Books (print and digital): http://www.gandhi.com.mx/the-cherry-tree-garden-10c8ee

Bol.de (digital): https://www.bol.de/shop/ebooks/suchartikel/x/x/EAN9781979720007/

Angus & Robertson (digital): https://www.angusrobertson.com.au/ebooks/the-cherry-tree-garden-alastair-r-agutter/p/9781979720007

Overdrive for Libraries: https://www.overdrive.com/media/3692616/the-cherry-tree-garden

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 1st February 2018
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